My sudden realisation has broken me down. Im falling apart. The seams in which were holding me in place, have torn and ripped open, Exposing me and my weaknesses to the one's who i've hidded from for most of my life. I've never let him in. I've never shown him who I am, and how much I actually do love him. My emotional barrier is seperating him from sharing with me my inner soul. Everyone else who has entered my life has left it knowing my genuine ambitions and knowing why I am, who I am. The only reason why I hold back with him, is because im scared. Im scared to say something that will make him leave. That he may make decide that he truely didnt love me the way he thought he did. Im scared that he will escape from me and no longer be mine. I feel safe when Im with him, incapable of any wrong doing, for anything to hurt me. That thought that remains in my vacant mind will forever haunt me.