Tuesday, 27th October.

"I must've done something right, to deserve you in my life"

Nothing new to report. I obviously cant do anything, with the decision he's made. But, Its for the best as he says. I'd follow him to the end of the earth, So waiting should only be a stepping stone on the walk through the future. I'm dieing. Slow and painfully. All my energy has been used up for for crying and fighting with my Mother. She doesn't understand how I'm feeling. "I want to be proud of you, i just don't trust you" I haven't done anything to not be trusted about, And now tonight, She wants to pull me out of school, and send me to my auntie's house, all because she doesn't to WASTE her money on me. Next item to place on my 'to do list' Find a place to crash, preferably somewhere my mum wont find me. I want to scream. Scream and cry. Scream, cry and rage. I guess this is what being a teenager is all about.