The latest and possibly the greatest to do list. For 2009/2010

1. Buy longer extention’s.
2. Finish putting photo’s / poster’s / records up on my walls.
3. Buy a shit load of clothing from Globalise
4. New chucks are a must.
5. Find a friend, Even a mate for Lola.
6. Throw a party
7. Get a job.
8. Buy tickets for Eminem 2010
9. Marry Asher Roth
10. Read and or watch ‘Girl Interrupted’
11. Burn school uniform
12. Have Elle over for the week
13. Spend a night in the city with Helina / Ebonee
14. Paint my bathroom and roof
15. Learn french
16. Speak french fluently
17. Lay in front of neighbours house, watching their Christmas light’s flash on and off with Dan.
18. Find my phone, And earring
19. Count the stars
20. Have ‘George’ Over for the night
21. Eat a cheeseburger
22. Print my drawing on a T-Shirt
23. Have at least 3 Babies with Asher Roth
24. Find another T.V
25. Buy a phone
26. Finish watching Titanic with Luke
27. Watch Bambi
28. Move room around
29. Introduce Lola to a psychologist.
30. Go for an extremely long walk
31. Finally update Ipod
32. Keep my room clean for over a week
33. Hang fairy light’s up in my room
34. Stick 100-200 light bulbs on my roof
35. Cut off Helina’s hair whilst she is sleeping
36. Finish reading ‘The pact’
37. Start reading ‘Girl interrupted’
38. Ride in a taxi
39. Go to the beach with Jake
40. “Hot, steamy, shower”
41. Grow a beard
42. Climb the Watergarden’s Christmas tree
43. Start eating healthy
44. Finish writing my song.
45. Learn at least 50 new words.
46. Build a bridge, Then get over it
47. Kill a mockingbird
48. Write my name on several tree’s
49. Fix my record player
50. Find a type writer
51. Dye hair Red
52. Buy a new Zippo Lighter