Monday, 26th October

I didn't want to go to school. I'd much rather spend my day under my covers, half crying, and half dreaming of him and I. Our future running through my dreams. My friends sensed something was upsetting me. Elle / Russell already new. "Keeley, whats wrong?" They ask just to have some gos to talk to their whale friends about. "No, Nothing, I'm fine" No, I'm not fine. I'm actually screaming inside my head and about to burst out in mad fits of rage. Then making it worse, the annoyingly immature "School wogs" started to test me. Pushing me to see how long it will take until i snap. Calling me "Emo" And Literally pushing me to the floor and kicking me after they steal my lunch. That wasn't the bad part seen as I new my friends would surely kick his head in. No, the bad, Neigh, distressing and disgusting part was as followed: As i lay on my back getting kicked, the boy who I use to love, who use to love me, Who use to care for me and stand up for me, Stood their, and watched. I yelled. He just stood there. How could someone who use to feel so passionately about someone, just stand and watch as they are being bullied? So, it seems my days are getting brighter (Detect the slight hint of sarcasm) School: Getting humiliated and hurt, and home: Mother throwing skits attacks left right and center and being semi grounded. All of the above adding onto the pain from knowing that the love of my life, doesn't want to love me until I'm 16. Shit writing throughout this post, So mad / sad that I really couldn't be bothered using nicer words or being deep. I need to sleep, My dreams are the only thing stopping me from crying. It must be the fiction and the unreal truth that has let me lose my mind. I love him. Nothing will ever change that, not two years or 100.