Friday, 23rd October (Take 2)

Okay. The other post did not display the message I was hoping for. The main reason behind why I wrote it, was because I was pretty damn upset. Not towards Her, And not towards Him, But the reason surrounding it. I know where she is coming from, I have been there. She has held it in, and i can see now as i reflect on my behaviour on the past few day's that it has not been up to its usually standard and quality. If i was in her situation i probably would've said the same things, even harsher things. The meaning of the last blog was to, well try to put across what usually happened in the situation I was in. (Which i wont repeat) I commend her on her attitude towards all of this, She's truly a beautiful person, And would not mean to hurt a fly, let alone someones feelings. I was defiantly in the wrong, She hasn't done anything to offend me. I overreacted. As i usually do. Twas silly, and utterly stupid. Do not think I hate you, For any reason what so ever. I am truly sorry for what i wrote.