I’m yet to have found someone as true, and as outstandingly amazing as my Boy. He keep’s me going. Whenever I’m giving myself a hard time about my appearance, He’s always there to convince me that i’m beautiful, from the inside out. When I’m looking my worst, or when i’m sick, Jake is always near by to hold my hand, look me in the eyes, and whispers he loves me. Jake is and always will me the love of my life. I dont care when someone tells us we cannot last a lifetime, but I disagree, I can be my absolute self around him, I am comfortable 
I love his laugh, his smile, the way he flicks his hair, when he looks at me until i look up, the way he squeezes me so tight i can hardly breath, his eyes, his eyelashes, when we fight and he bursts into laughter, the way we stay on the phone all night to listen to eachothers breathing / snoring, his big toes, the way he rubs his nose against mine. I love Jake, and I always will. I dont care if my ‘friends’ dont like it. NOTHING will ever change the way I feel for him. Jake, you are my daily inspiration, my will to continue. Always.