My heart is beating so hard, it's bound to jump right out of my chest. My throat is dry, and swallowing is like digesting sand paper. My eye's are as red, and as puffy as when you slap someone as hard as you can, on bear skin, leaving a raised handprint. My hand's are shaking, i'm finding it difficult to type without speaking jibberish. If I go to sleep, I know, im just going to dream of not waking up. Then, when I actually do wake-up, I'd rather stay in bed, because my dreams of lack of breath, will keep me safe. All because the person I trusted most, has disowned me as a friend, even as a stranger. 'Let's all just pick holes at Keeley until she fall's apart' My seams, inwhich held me together are collasping around me. I didn't think this was this big of a deal, But obviously it is. What happend to the last person, that everyone they new turned on them? Did they push through it, or just sleep the careless whispers away? I'd rather dissapear in silence, and see who notice's im gone first.. Sounds good