Jake Bradley Vassallo. My love. My boy. My everything. You are the boy who has filled my darkest days, and my emptiest night's with light, and hope. Since we met, I've learnt how beautiful, and how truely special you are. Even though it's cliche, I was honestly alone, and lost before you came. I didn't want another love in my life, and I really didn't need yet another shattered or broken heart. But, I've let you in, the whole way in, You know me inside and out. My deepest secret's, and my dizziest daydream's. I love you, and I need you in my life. I dont want to go back into the dark. Without you, lonliness will take over, once again. I crave the day's when You come over to my house, to see your face, to feel your breath on my neck as we hug so tight. You walk through my door, and I instantly lighten up, and so do you. We go up into my room, and we laugh so hard at eachothers stupid voice's and facial expression's. I have the best time with you. You make me the Keeley, I always use to be. "Will you be with me forever?"
"Of course"

I will spend eternity with you, to hell and back Jake. I love you. 14, 11, 2009