Hacked by Jake Vassallo :)

Hey baby, I have noticed you left ur blog signed in on my computer...

Keeley shaye o'hara where do i start.. the first time i seen you i thought to myself, omfg this girl is so beautiful and sexy, i searched for days to find your msn and myspace and i finally found it, i asked you for your number and you gave, i was so happy hehe, i found out that u were going to jarrods party, so im like woooo yeahaaaa hehe, i am a shy guy so i had to build up the courage to ask u out that night, you sort of got the idea when parnis asked what you would say if i asked u out hehe, so i asked you out, you sed "okay" babe u made my night, and have made every single day special to me to this day and will make every day special for me for the decades to come of our relationship. Keeley Shaye O'hara, you are the best thing that has happend to me for a very long time and i am so happy that i built up the courage to ask u out, it was worth it, you are the best thing in my life, i love you so fucking much keeley, everytime i see u i get butterflies in my stomach, i love it when u giggle i love cuddling up to u at night, i love watchung movies with u, i love going to hillside pizza and buying a large margaretta and you saving the last piece for me hehe, i love when i come to ur house, ring the door bell and see u walking to the door, i get so happy when i see u, i love talking to u on the fone late at night for hours on end and both of us ending up falling asleep on the fone, or when u fall asleep before me and i hear u breathing (sometimes snoring a little bit) hehe :), but yeah, keeley u have made these past 2 months nd a half a blast for me and i am so lucky to have a perfect beautiful girl in my life that i know i can trust and i know will love me for the rest of your life, and i will love you for the rest of my life, i love you so much keeley shaye o'hara with all my heart and soul always and forever!

Love from ur baby jake