Thursday, 3rd December

It is very difficult watching two of your very bestfriends, struggle as much as they are. It hurt's to see them crying, and pleading for an answer to end the madness. I have no words of wisdom or comfort. That's why she's around. They are both the smartest people I know, And they have all the right things to say, In sticky situations. So when it come's to me finding an explanation, It is quite difficult. I do not know what to say, To help them feel any better. I make several pittiful attempt's to destroy the pain in their hearts, But they look up at me with blank faces. I am trying my best to help them, I really am, But it wont be solved by my lame responces. I will alway be here for the both of them, I really hope for their sake they will pass this silly phase. "Love sucks"