Q. Do you believe in yourself?
A. At time's with thing's such as Dancing. Beliving in myself to be good Is a different story

Q. What do you Hate about yourself?
A. I hate how I have uneven skin, I hate how when I smile My eyes squint up and my chin stick's out. I hate that I have skinny chicken legs. I hate that Im tall. I hate that my hair never stays the way I want it to. I hate that I think badly of myself. I hate the way I treat myself.

Q. Have you ever hurt yourself?
A. Yes.

Q. Would you rather be someone else?
A. It's crossed my mind, once or thrice.

Q. What is one thing, That you constantly think about?
A. One thing? Something that's wrong, At that perticuler moment.

Q. Is there something you are looking forward too?
A. New Year's with Elle, Getting drunk and naked, Running around the beach bonfire.

Q. Sadly..?
A. I'll never be what is in my heart.