Dear you

This is why I love you, as much as I do. I love the way you laugh at how scared I get
I love how, over everything you could ask for, You ask for a hairbrush.
I love when you stare at me
I love how you wear my braclet
I love that you show me, How much I mean to you
I love that you hold me tight
I love that we stand in safeway for half an hour waiting for someone to pick a chocolate
I love that we headbutt eachother
I love that you mock me
I love that you look like an owl at times
I love that you sing
I love that you love me
I love your smile
I love when your semi drunk and do combat roles and jumps over your furniture
I love that we race eachother down the street
I love how we walk to the milkbar with no pants on
I love how you throw away 5 and 10 cent coins
I love how you text me every day and night, even when I don’t have credit
I love how you make my dog piss itself
I love that I’m your wallpaper on your phone
I love that you call me weak
I love it when you break the silence with a random noise
I love your hair
I love how one of the first thing’s you said to me was that you love my name
I love the your so strong that you can use me as your weights
I love that we laugh at the people who walk in and out of Hungry Jacks
I love you because you make me smile
I love how your impatient
And I love how your eat the white chocolate off my Fredo Frogs.
I love you.