Monday, 2nd November

I spent today at the back of my house, drawing and listening to my 'day dreaming' songs. Twas a beautiful day, And i accomplished alot. Not only did i manage to tan, but i also wrote a new song, and dreamt a whole new dream. Different to my usuall romantic soap oprah; He sweeps me off my feet, We run away together and spend several years captivated in eachothers eyes, have many amazing children, and die peacefully and happily in eachother's arms. No, this was a whole different senerio. I will not recap this perticular dream, but i will share with you how it made me feel. It opend my eye's to what i truely desire. My future is an unwritten book, waiting for a writter to come and unleash maddness onto it's blank, bear pages. In my dream, My future was realisic. Truthfull. A dream i can truely aim for. He is the main character. Oh how I love him. Even though Im not 100% sure what's the g.o for me and him at this moment, but he is my future. No matter where we go in life, and no matter who he really ends up with. Weather that be me, or someone better, I will love him for life. I've never felt like this before, and im not losing that feeling anytime soon.