Monday, 16th November

No more lovey blogposts. Time to focas on my existence. Really searching for what I want to be. Elle suggested i wrote a list of what I do not want to be known for. Instead, I wrote down a few points of what i should strive to be reconised for.
A girl who's known for her smile
The girl who is constantly happy
Rememberd for her outlook and opions
Loved for who she is, Not what she looks like
Her name reconised by people who truely understand her
The girl who doesnt cry in public
The girl who isnt afriad to try new things, yet curious about the conseqences
A girl who finds herself caught up in the world around her
Not a slut
Not a teachers pet
Not a heartbreaker
Not a stoner
Not the girl who doesnt lies about who she is
Honest to herself
A girl who focases on who's in her life
A girl who doesnt need anyone to rely on
A strong independant women
A girl who doesnt get confused
Who understands why she is still living
A girl who acts her age
The girl who dreams of better things
A girl who learns from her mistakes
A girl who doesnt need a lover
A girl who is content with lonliness

Maybe I'm way out of my leage. Maybe I need to start small, simply changing my outlook on the emptyness of life at this moment. I should be happy, I really should. But even aiming for happyness is something i may never be able to reach.