5:41 PM

Well, November is finally almost over. Goodbye november you devil you, and Hello December. I love december, Not only does it hold the most beloved holiday of the whole year, but it is also the last month for the year. Soon enough, I will be celebrating the start of the new year. I havent put much thought into a 'new year's resolution' as of yet. But im thinking something along the lines of, Stay true to myself, or dont forget how old I am. Maybe even remembering to chill, kill, and drug deal. (Just for elle) I think those are pointless though. Stupid, new years resolutions. It's a silly promise everyone knows will break. For example: "For this year, Im going to quite smoking" NO YOUR NOT BECAUSE YOUR FUCKING ADDICTED TO SMOKES, or my personal favorite: "To not fall in love with men who treat me like shit" NO YOUR NOT BECAUSE YOU'LL FALL IN LOVE WITH WHOEVER WILL TAKE THEIR PANTS OF FOR YOU, BECAUSE YOU CANNOT FIND ANY BETTER. So, I think they are stupidly pointless. You dont have to wait till the start of the new year to make a promise to yourself. START NOW DICKHEAD. (This was fueled off myself and lindays thrilling conversation the other day. Oh, and note to everyone, I've stopped crying at night. Yes the accasional tear or two, but No more loud sobs and pain's in my chest. Go me!