Thanks to my extremely bitchy mood, I've seen how much i actually HATE. Like:
I hate how my hair never stays the way it was inside my house
I hate when my mum asks me who i'm texting then gives me a stare when it's noone she knows
I hate that my hair is curly
I hate that my photo's keep falling down, Im an inch away from ripping down all my walls.
I hate that the music on the radio is shit and nothing that I like
I hate that even though everyone says i am genuinly beautiful, I continue to judge and hurt myself
I hate that he didnt stay
I hate that Im so gulible
I hate my negitive attitude
I hate most of my friends
I hate when I cant find anything to wear
I hate that thunderstorms
I hate the stupid rumours that float behind my actually self
I hate hating
I hate stupid tv shows
I hate country music
I hate robbie Williams
I hate Math
I hate lies
I hate cold days
I hate cheeseburgers
I hate people who hate swearing
I hate stupid little girls who tell their parents everything, even the rumours
I hate being excluded
I hate Australian Idol
I hate smilling
I hate sluts
I hate who publish their whole life story over facebook
I hate gossips
I hate how i feel like I wasted your time
I hate that my emotions change like the wind
I hate that my family excpect so much from me
I hate that my friends want me to be happy
I hate that I cannot give them what they want
I hate that im so immature
I hate that my list for things I hate is so small, Compared to the things i love.