12:27 AM

I've come to realise that i base my life around the negative's too much. Remembering only the bad things that happend during my day. I wanted to share with you, What i actually love. The real positives that fuel my life. I'm a happy person, this is why.

I love waking up in the morning, knowing i've dreamt of him
I love walking down the road, and seeing things ive never seen before.
I love changing my hair colour, Makes me feel different.
I love how my hands smell like the smoke which he held in his, after we walk with our hands intwined.
I love when I make someone laugh, even smile. Make's me feel as if i have a purpose.
I love it when people pat you on the back, telling you you did a great job.
I love watching the stars come out on a hot day, Whilst having lykke li playing.
I love Juno, and how it makes me laugh, and laugh with elle
I love Kinder surprises.
I love Happy meals, no matter what anyone says, I shall NEVER have a cheeseburger.
I love new clothes, and instantly having the urge to wear them when i get home.
I love the new car / show smell.
I love My chalkboared, and how i vent my feelings over the wall.
I love my name, and how I only know two other people with the same name.
I love how he ask's me question's.
I love when I wake up, and my hair is willing to do what i want it to
I love new movies, having and oppion on the ending, proven to be wrong in the end.
I love hot rainy days.
I love the smell of rain
I love long, showers when i feel sick.
I love old movies.
I love my nan, and her weekly trip to my room, to tell me she's proud of me
I love my little e-wok.
I love long drives.
I love the smell of hairspray.
I love IDEK
I love it when im right
I love how the sky turns orange.
I love when all you can hear is crikets.
I love being so happy that I fall on my bed, smilling, and laughing like a downtard.
I love learning new things.
I love questions
I love knock knock jokes, and riddles.
I love Hamish and andy. Mostly Hamish.
I love the romance between edward and bella.
I love being alive.
I love breathing
I love new friends.
I love old friends.
I love stories of the war.
I love fishing. Except the part about killing fish
I love knowing there's someone thinking about me, Even if the time isnt 11:11
I love music, without alot of music. Just singing.
I love watching a cut heal.
I love having a scar.
I love my nan's clothing, and her old photo's
I love having options
I love knowing there's a future for me, even if my life line says otherwise
I love being someone's love.
I love reading other people's blogs, And feeling close to them.
I love time.
I love running like a bitch.
I love quotes
I love singing, and dancing.
I love when the world thinks its gonna end, then waking up the next day.
I love record players.
I love laughing really hard.
I love crying over happy situations.
I love having no idea where I am.
I love small houses, and cosy places.
I love cold nights.
I love hot chocolate with white marshmellows.
I love marshmellows!
I love when me and my friend have something to tell eachother, realising we have the same thing to share.
I love being mentally stable.
I love strobe lights.
I love my fish.
I love taking photo's.
I love seeing famous people, and being like "Bitch you look just like us"
I love drawing
I love loving.
I love hugs, more so than kisses
I love forgetting, then remembering.
I love sharing my life with others.
I must admit, It's catching up to the negative list quite rapidly