Saturday, 31st October

Blankity blank blank blank. I've wrote over five billion useless sentence's, all resulting in a five second hold on the backspace bar. My mind has been whiped blank. Most likely the reason behind my 1 minute posts. I'm guessing this is a good thing, but no matter how hard I attempt to push him out of my head, His face and everything good and amazing about him comes streaming back in. Maybe it's because i miss him, or maybe its because, Gah. I dont even know. Im not sure whats going on at the moment,involving my mind and im 100% sure i have no idea whats happening inside his head. And thats for fact. Oh how i hate the romance's on tv's and movies and so on. It drives me insane, that two people can be so madly in love without any difficulties. Well thats a lie, They do have down times, but they always make it through. Its annoying. HIGHLY Annoying. How many couples actually stay in love? That love will, in fact last forever. This is also a lie. Nothing lasts forever, And i hate knowing that.